Benefits of Rosehip Seed Oil


Rosehip seed oil (not to be confused with rosehip oil) is an oil that is high in antioxidants, vitamins and essential fatty acits. The oil is extracted from the seeds of rosehips, which are the fruit of the rose. Much like an apple tree, once the flower has completed it's growth, a small fruit grows. Inside this fruit of the rose (rosehip) are tiny seeds and it is here that this beautiful skin oil resides.

- antiaging
- heals scars
- improves skin tone (high in vitamin A)
- anti-inflammatory (high in vitamin E)
- improves firmness
- improves elasticity
- regenerate skin cells
- suitable for most skin types

- Store in cool and dry place so that it doesn't go rencid
- Like with most oils, use a very small amount 1-2 drops per application. A little goes a long way.
- A like to include this oil in several body and face oil recipes, so try adding to an oil formula that you already use if it doesn't include rosehip seed oil.
- Rosehip seed oil and grape seed oil make a lovely light weight, super nourishing and easily absorbed skin oil.

Have you used rosehip seed oil?
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