Free Beginner Meditation Course

What I love about meditation is that it is instant gratification. Everything you need to start is already within you. You simply need to take a few minutes for yourself.

This free video based course comprises 9 introductory lessons and 10 meditations, so you’re bound to find a meditation practice that you like. No need to signup. Just click the links below to get started.

I initially developed this Free Beginner Meditation Course to assist my coaching clients. As a nutrition specialist, herbalist and Certified Health Coach, my wellness philosophy centers around the 4 Quadrants of Health: Sleep, Peace, Food and Movement. Meditation falls into the Peace category. Tackling inner peace usually causes dramatic shifts for my clients.

I am releasing this course one day at a time starting January 20, 2019. Just click the links below to watch one video at a time. Come back to any video that you like when you want to. I am here to practice with you and help you launch what I hope will be a lifetime of practice with meditation. Remember, it is called a practice for a reason, you simply need to try and try again, at your own pace; no judgement.

More info on wellness coaching consultations with me here.

Share your progress using hashtag #welnas on social media.

Video 1: Introduction
Video 2: What is Meditation?
Video 3: Benefits of Meditation
Video 4: Which Meditation is Best?
Video 5: When to Meditate
Video 6: Aromatherapy
Video 7: Supplies for Meditation
Video 8: Important Things to Remember
Video 9: Thinking of Nothing

Video 10: Breath Awareness Meditation
Video 11: 100 Meditation
Video 12: Breath Extension Meditation
Video 13: Breath of Light Meditation
Video 14: Power of 1 Meditation
Video 15: Breath of OM Meditation
Video 16: Flower Meditation
Video 17: Color Meditation
Video 18: Mantra Meditation
Video 19: Candlelight Meditation
Video 20: Farewell

Aromatherapy PDF

Now that you have finished the course, drop us a line and let us know how it went