How to Set an Intention (3 Easy Steps)


Setting an intention means to take time to decided something mindful and important that you wish to focus on or do in the very near future, usually that very same day or even week or month.

A way to bring into focus and prioritize a goal. It is a strategic and focused way to execute on short term goals. For some, the act of intention setting gives them a sense of control over their hopes and dreams or to do lists, often reducing anxiety. Sounds pretty good right? So let's get started with intention setting in 3 easy steps.

1. Identify
Make time and space in your life to survey what your short term goals are. I often tell clients to find a quiet space and at least half an hour every month to sit down and write out or revisit a list of their short term goals. Your list might include actions you wish to take, feelings you wish to express or material goods you wish to acquire. 

2. Define
Review your list and decide on 1 short term goal that you wish to act in in the days to come. Perhaps it's starting the day journaling, reminding yourself to take a breath when a friend is speaking rather than jumping in, or setting aside extra money each paycheck to pay for a weekend away. Don't judge, just look at your list and decide what is most important to you and what you can act on. Then define your intention - be specific.

3. Remind
Write your intention down. See the words in your daily space. Remind yourself of the intention. Some days are simply easier than others and a tough day shouldn't discourage you. Remind yourself of the intention you set. After all, you took great care and attention to bring into focus that which is truly meaningful and imperative to you.

What do you think?
Did this method of intention setting work for you? Do you have any other advice?