Top 10 Affordable Clean Beauty Buys


Clean beauty may sound like a new idea, but really it's about getting down to the basics and simplifying. Your skin will be happier with less products and fuss.

Here are my absolute, most favorite, top affordable clean beauty buys:

1. Bentonite Clay
This stuff is magic. Not only is bentonite clay super affordable and but a little goes a long way so it lasts. This clay is hands down the best facemark for the price. I like to mix it with rose hydrosol, apple cider vinegar and even activated charcoal. Use a paintbrush to apply evenly to your skin. Sunday night self care facemarks just got a lot more affordable!

2. Activated Charcoal
I love adding a capsule of activated charcoal to my facemask. When in a pinch, I cleanse my face and then mix up a capsule of activated charcoal, baking soda and water for an intense exfoliating detox for my skin. Here's the original post about my 3 ingredient charcoal facemask.

3. Baking Soda
I could write a whole blog post about how amazing baking soda is. I use baking soda for skin exfoliation, to make natural deodorant and as a starting tooth powder ingredient (although it does very well on its own too). Good old baking soda is amazing. Some people are more sensitive to baking soda so always patch test first.

4. Dr. Bronner’s Pure Castile Soap - Baby Unscented
The unscented version of Dr. Bronner's castile soap is best for body care. This soap is concentrated and will need to be diluted. Sometimes castile soap (even when diluted) can be a bit drying, so ensure (especially in the winter) to followup with a light weight oil, serum or moisturizer. During the drier winter months, I sometimes add jojoba oil to my diluted castile soap face wash.

5. Rose Hyrosol
Roses have been a beauty staple for what seems like since the beginning of time. Any herbalist will tell you that a few spritzes of rose hydrosol not only lifts the spirits (gladdens the heart) but also gently moisturizes skin. A must for every beauty routine.

6. Grape Seed Oil
Grape seed oil makes for a lightweight skin oil that rich in antioxidants and way underrated. Not only is it suitable for mature skin, but also friendly to use around the eyes as it is light and absorbs quickly. Bye bye fine lines.

7. Witch Hazel
Witch hazel is an amazing astringent toner that helps to temporarily reduce the size of pores and reduce redness. It’s so reliable it even works to strengthen vascular tissue (think hemorrhoids).

8. Jade Roller
This is worth the hype. I know that jade rollers are having a moment now and seem like a fad, but I will tell you what is not a fad, facial massage. Facial massage to increase circulation, aid lymphatic drainage (think less puffiness under the eyes) and improvements to skin tone have been practiced for eons in other cultures (Japan comes to mind). Not only is this tool affordable, but it’s easy and fun to use.

9. Epsom Salts
I feel relaxed just writing about epsom salts (magnesium sulfate). Epsom salts are wonderful in your bath or in sugar or salt scrub recipes. Epsom salts add magnesium to your bath water and are absorbed into your skin helping to sooth muscles and relax you before bed. A supreme boost to beauty sleep.

10. Rosehip Seed Oil
A reliable regenerative oil made from the seeds of the fruit of the rose. Rosehip seed oil helps to improve elasticity, firmness and even heal scars. Ensure that you are getting the best quality by buying cold pressed rosehip seed oil. Read more about the Benefits of Rosehip See Oil.

Have something else to add to the list?
What are your favorite affordable green beauty buys?