An herbalist is an herbal medicine educator and not a licensed health professional. As a Western herbalist I educate clients on the traditional and common use of herbs based on their health history. They then take use this information to make informed holistic health choices with their licensed health professional such as a primary care physician.

I specialize in nutrition and herbal medicine with respect to women’s health and pediatrics. I most commonly provide herbal education for the following health issues:

  • infertility (unexplained and in complement to IVF treatment)

  • skin issues (acne, eczema, etc.)

  • ADHD

  • sleep issues

  • seasonal immunity

  • pregnancy and lactation

  • herbs for children

  • anxiety and stress

I begin all of my client relationships with an intake appointment that is up to 90 minutes long. Couples fertility intakes are 2 hours long. In take appointments made be made in person in the Boston area during my clinic hours or online.

Followup sessions are typically 30 minutes long and are offered during clinic hours, online or via email.


The initial herbal consult is up to 90 minutes long. I will review your health history with you and recommend an initial herbal regime to improve wellness.



The couples fertility consult is 2 hours long and includes a review of the health history of both partners along with an initial herbal regime to holistically improve wellness, the chances of fertility. Helpful for those with unexplained fertility or undergoing IVF treatment.


Followup sessions are booked after an initial consult session has been completed.