In order to comply with Federal Trade Commission (FTC) regulations it is important that web media producers disclose when they are sponsored by or partnered with a company or otherwise make an income from a website. Here is more information on FTC disclosure requirements.

Affiliate Marketing

At Welnas.com we participate in affiliate marketing which means that we make a small profit on some or any of the 3rd party links on our website. The practice of affiliate marketing is common in web media and generates a profit to offset the costs of operating Welnas.com.

We use affiliate marketing links in an authentic manner, meaning that any products or services that are affiliate linked have been used, tested, tried, we support or have some other authentic connection to the educational information posted at Welnas.com. In general, affiliate links are used for items we love, know and would recommend regardless of the affiliate relationship.

Product Reviews

On occasion Welnas.com receives products or services for free and we review the products. Opinions are always our own and the products and services that we choose to review and include in our content are inline with the Welnas motto of 'easy and healthy living.' Welnas.com only reviews and shares products that we believe are of good quality and value to our readers.

Sponsored Posts

If a post is sponsored by a company, then that specific post will have a statement within it highlighting to the reader that it has been sponsored by a company. Again, we only partner with companies that we feel would provide value to the Welnas.com community and that are products and services that we would use ourselves.



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If you require medical advice, then you must as your qualified medical professional. NEVER delay treatment or disregard professional medical advice due to Educational Content found here at Welnas.com. Health science and education content and research are constantly changing and a professional medical provider will have the best advice.

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Last Updated: July 27, 2018.